With a territory as vast as Europe, AMFU has developed, over the years, a network of professionals with only one purpose: to make it happen on time for our customers.

Our local knowledge, the swiftness of our services, our contacts and the constant follow-up of all your requests are the guarantee of a smooth call in our islands for your vessels.

Our full agency services include but are not limited:

  • Berth and pilot booking
  • Customs clearance of ship or vessel
  • Immigration formalities
  • Stores and provisioning
  • Waste disposal, including sewage, garbage collection, waste oil removal….
  • Crew changes, including French Polynesia’s visa formalities, transfers and hotel accommodations
  • Medical assistance for crew and passengers


Our clients represent all the key maritime actors that come thru our islands

  • Cruise
  • Navy
  • Fishing fleets
  • Research vessels
  • Yachts
  • Bunker calls
  • P&I correspondent for most clubs in the world
  • Bulk carriers
  • Training vessels


Your satisfaction is our absolute priority and with AMFU there is no place for the impossible.